DeBilzan Handbags

Designed by Mario Hernandez

MWEJ 1042 "Cotidiano w/strap" $317 Portable Tablet Agenda For more information, please contact Deborah DeBilzan at, 561.266.2090 or 949.494.2406.
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3 thoughts on “DeBilzan Handbags

  1. Good Morning Deb,

    I have one of the cross bodys and love it.. However, was wondering if this tote has a zipper and if not, do you have any totes that do have a zipper??

    Best Regards,


  2. Hi Pat, I am glad you love your crossbody bag! We have sold out of the “All You Need is Love” tote, but have several large totes with zippers. I will email you some images.

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